Elizabeth Reiter


F E A T U R E D   R E  V  I  E  W  S

F E A T U R E D   U P C O M I N G

"Reiter was terrific, a very vital lyric soprano with stellar pitch and attack wedded to fiercely communicative instincts."
~David Shengold, Opera Magazine


"Elizabeth Reiter is a Pamina for whom Mozart would have written extra arias."

~Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Stage Style

“What a magnificent surprise to hear Elizabeth Reiter sing Amina, the sleepwalking soprano in danger of losing her groom-to-be.  Reiter is first-rank, no question.  Reiter, a slip of a girl, acted very much a bride, full of enthusiasm she couldn’t contain, later torn by despair.  Her bel canto - huge, securely on pitch, playfully unforced - still rings in my ears.”

~Lesley Valdes, Broadstreet Review/WRTI Radio




Erste Knappe & Blumenmädchen in Parsifal

Oper Frankfurt

March 15 – April 6, 2015



Klara Bucksmann in Lior Navok’s An Unserem Fluss

Oper Frankfurt

May 31 – June 13, 2015



Éléonore in Martinu's Les larmes du couteau 

Oper Frankfurt

July 4 – 18, 2015

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